About Robert M. Snyder

Robert M. Snyder is a National Master (National Rating: 2306, International Rating: 2405) and chess educator. He has introduced chess to over 170,000 elementary and junior high school students through his presentations. His students have won thirty six individual first place titles (a national record) in championship sections at the National Scholastic Chess Championships. His teams have won first place in championship sections at the National Scholastic Championships ten times.

At the age of twelve, Mr. Snyder learned how to play chess. By the age of eighteen, he earned the title of National Chess Master. In 1973 he became champion of the western United States. Mr Snyder had the highest score when he represented the United States on the correspondence Olympic Chess Teach. He qualified for the semi-finals of the World Correspondence Championship by winning two consecutive international master tournaments.

In 1983 Mr. Snyder founded the "Chess for Juniors" club, which grew to become one of the largest and most active chess clubs for youth in the nation. He has written articles for Chess Life, School Mates, Fernschach (Germany) and Schach Echo (Germany). His teams have traveled to Germany, England, Canada and Australia. He also hosted the "Chess with Robert Snyder" television series and provided instruction to actors Will Smith and Nicolas Cage.

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